Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Culture: To Have and to Hold

In respect of those who prepare our food we must embrace the struggle, the art and tradition which creates such sumptuous delights for our palates. Luckily, in the past decade as people have become more involved in their food, interests have changed from homogenization to natural and true offerings allowing cooks to reveal their recipes and traditions in an honest and appealing light. 

 We crave the honest grit and flavor found in a proud establishment
Ruddell's Smokehouse, Cyucos, CA.

Marvel at the mystery of transformed foods

Preserved Meyer lemons at midnight.

Challenge why our foods are being regulated and altered
All natural and organic Stuck-Up Jam which was confiscated and inspected
before release into Brooklyn, NY.
and love to find ourselves behind the scenes of where our food is prepared.

There is a fascination with the technical and a curiosity to reinvent the wheel

The Crab-O-Matic at Pismo's Coastal Grill in Fresno, CA.

however, behind every handmade dish be it molecular, deconstructed or crock pot cooked, there are hands which soulfully create.
Bill Hughes in the process of creating a batch of his
legendary guacamole.
Through our passion for food dreams can be realized
Ocean Front Pizza
 cultures experienced
Pork ribs and duck legs.
 and traditions maintained.
Traditional dill pickles by Spoiled Rotten Vinegar.

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