Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SLO County

For the majority of my life I have always thought of California's northern coastline as one of my homes. From my youth and into my early adulthood I would always return to the Santa Cruz county coastline after my adventures in other parts of the country. I was in my late 30's when I finally took notice of the central coast and since then I have enjoyed returning there as an escape than another home.

Cayucos Pier

Robins Restaurant of Cambria was one of the first recommendations I received early in my visits to the area. A local favorite and destination spot for travelers Robin's and it's two sister restaurants Novo and Luna Red (both located in San Luis Obispo) host every reason for their reputation.

A portion of Robin's enclosed dining room attached to the original adobe
portion of the restaurant.

Salmon Bisque and Chow (above) are two long
standing and infamous menu items.

My wife and I even put Robin's through a small wedding reception dinner
test. All of us passed with flying colors.

The coastline and it's small and large towns alike each have their natural wonders and some strange attractions.

Moonstone Beach with it's beautiful array of
colorful stones.

Cambria and Cayoucos both have a few great antique shops and a lot of
history tucked in all corners of the towns.

For a larger town San Luis Obispo shows it's community support and
participation some cultural exhibits.

This is really happening.

If you want to know- Yes. The little girl did touch the wall of chewed gum moments after I took this shot. Notice the anxious right arm .
Along the coast from San Simeon up north to Big Sur some amazing events takes place roughly
2 months of every year. All done by Elephant Seals.
Morro Rock always makes an appearance.
Do yourself a favor.
Go to the Candy Counter in Cayucos and 

order an Affogatto
The Independence Day Parade in Cayucos  is a perfectly preserved slice 
of small town Americana.
"My wave!"
There are some great waves along the coast with a surprising small
population of surfers compared to other beack towns I have surfed
in my life. I wasn't sure why this brawl broke out on a Morro Bay beach.
As you can see San Luis Obispo county produces a lot of

A blog post which started as  a quick review of a favorite restaurant has turned into a farewell tribute since finding out my family are selling their home in Morro Bay. This does not mean I will not continue to visit this beloved stretch of California coast however and era has passed and it won't be a simple task of packing up the family and jumping in the car. Having to pay for a rental will cut out our time and frequent visits short.
Which means less funding for culinary investigating,

and frivolous antiquing.
Yet we know this inconvenience will not keep us away from our favorite escape and home of our hearts.


  1. Great post Graham. I have never spent very much time on the Central Coast, after reading your article I now want to go check out some of the places you've mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nathan- It is a very fun place to visit. Small towns spotted along Highway 1. A great place for a romantic getaway with plenty of beach and inland activities. As a chef you have to check out the food scene, farms and young, budding wineries all over. You would have a field day there.