Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Change Or Two In Plans

 Entropy the cat by Cherie.
Image for our kitchen labels.
Quite a few developments began to materialize for Entropy Kitchen in the late months of 2012. Some sad farewells would be said while some new ground gained and support rallied. We are expecting 2013 to be an exciting and productive year in our kitchen. Hopefully you will follow along.

While on the path to incorporating our kitchen items and protecting the name(s) it came to our attention that we would no longer be able to use the beloved name Shadow Creek. We are so connected to the name, the place. Suddenly we would have to let go of the namesake of where we live, work and play. On a less sentimental note what would we be able or want to rename our kitchen and products?

Meanwhile the December holidays were drawing near and the whole shop was abuzz with requests. Our home had become an elves nightmare with boxes stacked on every horizontal surface, tissue paper, bubble wrap and popcorn spilling from every corner as our partially nude son ran about tables filled with scattered inventory. Wrap, stuff, pack. Wrap, stuff, pack. Label, tie, seal, wrap, stuff, pack... We found ourselves busier than we had expected and very thankful for it.

What I had thought would have been an endless supply of vinegar, preserves and soup ended up finding homes with curious foodies around the US and beyond. I had just enough to gift to my family and loved ones during our holiday celebrations. All of those favorite restaurants of ours which we were going to give samples to would have to wait.

My father and Emma.
Brooklyn, NY.
Jumping back to November there was an afternoon where my father in Brooklyn, NY was speaking to a man named Rick DeFerrari while he drove his pickup truck somewhere around McMinnville, OR. The wheels were set in motion that day for the fabrication of 2, 15+ gallon oak barrels. One Oregon oak and one French Oak. Although Oregon Barrel Works produces and supplies much larger oak barrels for prestigious wineries and private vintners around the world Rick was willing to take on the project of customizing two of their barrels for my fermenting needs.

By the time 2013 arrived some changes to our kitchen (and it's elements) had been made while more still on their way. In hopes of keeping a record of what has happened to date here is a list of the information:

  • I have changed the name of this blog from A WAY to....
Entropy KitchenTM
  • SHADOW CREEK or Shadow Creek Kitchen is no longer the name we list on our food products for sales or commercial purposes. As time has passed and we have grown the decision to fuse the arenas of Entropy the Shop became clear. Insuring less confusion all of our selections of the shop fall under the tent of...

Entropy the ShopTM

  • So Entropy the Shop will proudly present small batch handcrafted organic artisan edible pantry items under the following names:

Spoiled Rotten VinegarTM
(Blackstrap, Apple (Raw), Maple, Nectarine & Chile & maybe more to come)

Stuck-Up JamsTM
(Including preserves, candied elements, marmalade, dessert sauces & anything on the sweeter side.
Recipes are seasonal and selections will vary)
Popular Recipes:
Rhubarb Bing Jam & Dessert Sauce
Apple Butter
Fig Butter
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Santa Rosa Red Plum Jam
Candied Buddha Fingers
& more....
  • In 2012 Entropy Kitchen also provided the shop with creative recipes such as:
Nectarine Salsa
Pumpkin Soup

We remain busy in the kitchen and studio refining our vision and processes as an infant business should - Labeling and packaging - Creative and legalities. Doing our part ensuring the best possible products hoping to indulge whomever is curious and hungry for unique flavors.

As I work on stabilizing the foundation of our edible business I am also reaching out into the handmade and artisan food community. This blog, web searches and getting out in the community to meet folks has been a focus of my energies this new year. I hope to cultivate a network of fellow foodies with whom I can share my experiences and draw from their knowledge. Let us know if YOU are interested.

On January 1, 2013 the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616) was implemented opening many possibilities for food artisans. I work primarily in commercial kitchens certified by the Health Department yet with this new bill in effect I would be able to have my home kitchen inspected creating more options and ease in production. I have not applied for this allowance yet but from what I have read the requirements are fairly simple and very reasonable. Let's just hope our local government doesn't change their mind and can find it in their grace to stay out of our business for a change.

A sneak peek of one of my new barrels via email
from Rick DeFerrari.

It will prove to be an interesting year. I look forward to getting back into the kitchen and creating. Reaching out to my community and possibly farmers markets. I would even like to receive some feedback from other food revolutionaries out in the world who are taking similar steps in an edible journey.

If anyone IS reading....Get in touch!

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